For our english speaking visitors

Open Plancha in Short

Every day, from Monday to Saturday at lunchtime, you are very welcome to come at Xavier Vins and use free of charge our plancha area (up to 15 people). You will be able to bring your own meat or fish to grill with family and friends.

If you prefer, our local butcher can deliver at our place free of charge at his shop rate.

A wine tasting will be offered before the tasting and we offer the possiblity to purchase wines for your meal at the estate price.

We provide everything : a professionnal plancha,  plates, forks, oils, spices etc.

Xavier Vins offers outstanding wines from Southern Rhone including Côtes du Rhône, Vacqueyras, Gigondas and of course Châteauneuf du Pape. We wanted our visitors to be able to enjoy them during a nice meal in a relaxed atmosphere.


How much does it cost ? No a penny, Open Plancha is open to everyone. We just ask our visitors not to bring any other wines and to drink responsibly. Our wines are available at the regular estate price.

A free tasting is offered before so you can pick the wine that will suit your meal. Our staff is always happy to provide pairing recommandations.

When ? From Monday to Saturday  –11:00 am to 3:30pm and depending on the weather

Where ? Xavier Vins /Château Husson  – Chemin des Saintes Vierges – 84350 Courthezon (Find us with Google Maps).

Booking  ?  Call + 33 (0)  53 16 52 13 or email quentin(arobase)xaviervins.com / 12 to 15 seats available everyday.

What do you need  ?Nothing  except the meat, fish or vegetables you want to grill, your smile and a few friends. We just ask a deposit of 4 euros per glass we lend that will be returned if the glass comes back in one single piece.  Plates, napkins, oil and basic spices are available.

Where can you buy some meat ? We recommand the local butcher Boucherie Biscarel, Place Nassau at  Courthezon (4 km away) (Phone:+33(0)4 90 70 29 41 ) . The butcher can also deliver at the shop price for a minimum order of 30 euros. You are of course  free  to go elsewhere for your purchases.

To learn more about Xavier Vins, please visit our website  http://www.xaviervins.com

Plancha and a glass of Chateauneuf du Pape, what else ?


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